The West Coast: an ideal home for 'oil rig widows'

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The West Coast is an exceptionally popular place to live for families in which husbands are working offshore or overseas. Such husbands are often working on oil rigs, while others are working on contract in countries such as the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia. For these women and their school-going children, the West Coast offers an idyllic way of life in many ways.

There are a number of reason why the West Coast way of life appeals to families in this situation. For starters, the property prices are far more reasonable than those in Cape Town, and prospective property buyers will have no problem finding a three-bedroom house under the R2 000 000 mark in various areas of the much-loved West Coast. Generally speaking, these towns are safer than big cities such as Cape Town, allowing children to grow up in an idyllic environment.

Thanks to the presence of a variety of excellent schools in the area, such as Curro Langebaan, Hopefield High School and a variety of others, the children in these families are able to enjoy a great education hand in hand with all the advantages of small-town living. An added advantage is that many of these schools offer a bus service which transports children to and from school every day.

While offering all the advantages of being away from the hustle and bustle of big city vibes, towns on the West Coast are typically just an hour and a half's drive away from Cape Town International Airport. Families who have left Cape Town and relocated to the West Coast enjoy minimal traffic and a quieter way of life, while reaping the benefits of living under the jurisdiction of municipalities which offer excellent service.

According to Johan Truter, who is one of Sotheby's Realty's real estate experts based in Yzerfontein, there are loads of reasons to love life on the West Coast. "It is a close-knit community, which is a huge advantage for women whose husbands are working offshore," he explained. "Some of the factors which people love about living in this area, and particularly in Yzerfontein, include the unspoilt beaches and close proximity to the wine country that surrounds Darling, Paarl and Stellenbosch."

Truter also points out that the West coast offers much to see and do. "There's crayfishing in season and salt pans that abound with flamingos in the winter. From Yzerfontein itself, one can enjoy views of Table Mountain and Dassen Island with its lighthouse." It is the small-town way of life that appeals to many of the families who have made their home here while husbands and fathers are at work offshore. "The community in these towns is extremely close-knit," he observed.

Ian Wilkinson, Principal of Sotheby's Realty West Coast, added that the fact that there are a number of "oil rig widows" in towns like Langebaan, Hopefield, Malmesbury and Paternoster means that there is always ample support and camaraderie to be enjoyed. "There are a number of factors which gives these well-loved towns appeal for these families," he explained. "From easy access to good schools for their children to a relaxed lifestyle, good security and affordable properties, the West Coast is a natural choice."

Sotheby's Realty West Coast offers a wide variety of homes to buy and to rent in West Coast towns including Langebaan, Paternoster, Malmesbury, Hopefield and various others. Our team is always on hand to talk through the benefits and peace of mind that is part and parcel of life in this part of the world. Contact us and find out more about finding the perfect property for your family and becoming part of this close-knit community.


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