Semigration and the appeal of the West Coast

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Every South African will be able to share memories of time spent with friends and families who have emigrated. These families and individuals leave South Africa for a host of reasons, from employment opportunities that are too good to pass up to fears of violent crime and ongoing political turmoil faced in South Africa. A less well-known phenomenon — semigration — is driving South Africans from the bustling metropolises of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to more secluded areas within South Africa, where peacefulness, affordable properties and greater security are a way of life.

It is unsurprising that various areas of our West Coast, such as Langebaan, Paternoster and Yzerfontein, offer great appeal to "semigraters". 

There are a myriad reasons why families may choose to semigrate, and with the ever-increasing trend towards digitally nomadic lifestyles, it is becoming easier and easier to consider such a move. Working online means there is no reason to need to live in close proximity to South Africa's big metropolises. Families in this fortunate position are able to choose their home based on lifestyle considerations such as proximity to the ocean and outdoor activities. They are free to choose towns that statistically make safer homes than big cities and which boast great aesthetic appeal.

One of the leading considerations that families will inevitably factor into their decision-making process is close proximity to good schools, of which the West Coast has an abundance. Schools such as Curro Langebaan and Hopefield High School have well-established reputations and families semigrating to this part of the world can rest assured that their children will get the best of both worlds - a world-class education and the type of idyllic upbringing that only small-town living can provide.

Another huge advantage that the West Coast has to offer semigraters is affordable properties. Property prices in West Coast towns are a far cry from those found in the plush suburbs of Cape Town or Sandton. In Hopefield, for example, it is entirely possible to purchase a three-bedroom home under the R1 000 000 mark. Hopefield holds the distinction of being the oldest West Coast Town, and residents can enjoy the sight of historic Cape-Dutch homesteads and the peace of mind that comes with living in a town in which community spirit is alive and well.

In the ever-popular Langebaan, a luxuriously-appointed four-bedroom home can sell for under the R1 300 000 mark, which is far lower than what a semigrater would have been paying in other areas of South Africa. Residents of Langebaan get to make the most of a wide variety of things to do in the area, as well as getting to call the town's spectacular scenery the backdrop to their life. An assortment of other towns on the West Coast, such as Yzerfontein, Malmesbury and Moorreesburg also make fantastic homes in their own right, and are popular options with semigraters. 

It's not just corporate high-flyers and digital nomads who are buying into South Africa's semigration trend. It is also common for couples who are reaching retirement age to consider the tranquillity and security offered by life on the West Coast. The main items on a retiree's checklist are good weather, safety and an outstanding lifestyle - and all of these boxes are checked by the West Coast.

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